UP Language Consultants are ITTI’s representative
in the Brazilian business metropolis


Certification is the process in which an accredited independent institution assesses whether a specific professional or product meets certain quality standards. Such assessment, as regards to languages, is based on training and testing. The TEFL offers professionals credibility, ensuring them the best positions in the market.


Brazil holds an uneasy position, ranked 53° place at EF’s global ranking of English proficiency*  for countries where English is not a native language. That opens a very attractive and compelling market for English teachers.


The City of São Paulo is South America’s financial and economic heart. In the region of ‘Avenue Berrini’, or simply ‘Berrini’, as locals call it, you will find the offices of the largest international companies, the best hotels, shopping malls and a huge range of services being provided. The bold architecture and its easy access routes, including the metropolitan train, contribute to making the area a glamorous and successful business center.


The place where you find the most positions for teaching English in São Paulo is precisely the Berrini area, where UP Language head office is located.

The TEFL Certification makes the difference when it comes to being selected by recruiters. The best period of the year to get a position is at the beginning of semesters, when planning is being structured and schedules are being arranged.

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ITTI- International TEFL Training Institute’s

  • Our program uses the same teacher training textbooks as acclaimed four-year colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Our course content matches their programs; this makes our TEFL/TESOL certification absolutely compatible to the college level.  Here is the reason why our graduates are hired by the most prominent, quality English schools around the world.

  • Our teaching practice is led by highly qualified, experienced TEFL trainers who have already coached hundreds of prospective teachers.

    Unlike organizations that send trainees to community centers and have them observed by any teacher that is willing to observe them, our trainees can be certain to receive expert guidance during teaching practice.  Here is the reason why our graduates are so successful in the industry.  You cannot replace the expertise of a TEFL trainer by any teacher.

  • We do not guarantee a job, but we personally engage in helping our trainees find teaching positions in the country of their choice.

    All of our graduates who wanted to work are in excellent teaching positions.  We have graduates who worked three or four years with the same employer before they decided to change their job to get to know another country.  Our TEFL trainer wrote letters to schools in Dubai when a female graduate desired to work there.  She has successfully been employed in a school run by UAE citizens ever since.

  • We help non-native English speakers bring out their best.

    If you can dream it, you can achieve it. One of our non-native English-speaking graduates works in the public school system of Stockholm, Sweden.   Our graduate from Venezuela was hired by a U.S. public school to work in South Carolina.  A Brazilian graduate opened her own English school in Brazil and operates it successfully.

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Official Representative In Sao Paulo – UP Language Consultants By Lucio Sardinha – CEO

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